Mount Guiting Guiting – The Final Stretch.

The descent was grueling. When we finally hit our lunch stop, Bulod Spring, we were exhausted. The spring was a welcome sight. We took turns taking quick showers and freshened up. After lunch, we huddled. We overshot our estimated time of arrival by more than an hour. This will eventually be one of the reasons our final stretch would be more challenging. To make things worse, it started pouring again. We quickly packed everything and started the last leg home. By home, I meant our resort, The Sanctuary. At this point, I was already dreaming of a hot shower, room service and a bed. We had an estimated four hour stretch ahead of us and I honestly felt things would be much easier from here. Again, I was dead wrong.


The rain made everything a hundred times more challenging. Then the darkness started to settle around us. I felt like we were on the set of the Blair Witch Project. Both my knees were giving up and I was at the point of breaking mentally. My friends, well now my family, kept me going. Their encouragement pushed me. This was where deep bonds were forged.


We finally hit the river separating us from home. On the 11th hour, the final 60 minutes home, our guides stopped. The sound of water crashing against rocks was deafening. They look at us and say that the river is not passable. Because of the rain, the water was too high. At this point, I just collapsed on a rock and sat in silence. We all did. We called the head honcho who was waiting for us on the other side, he said our only choice was to move down stream and hope that the water there is lower.


When we get to the next spot, the water was still high. Our guides went in the water to try it out. While they were figuring out what to do, we prayed, hard. They came back and said they will carry us across. I could feel the strength of the current as we crossed. Adrenaline was pumping thru my veins… I couldn’t feel any pain. When all of us crossed safely, we just looked at each other, “we’re alive!” and hugged. I have never prayed so much in my life. That was God right there. He is stronger and mightier than anything.


Our Mount Guiting Guiting experience is definitely one for the books. It will be my favorite story with such an amazing ending. Climbing this 9/9 challenge makes you realize that nothing matters more than the present. It also made me realized that faced with life and death situations, I think of how life was too short. You only have one life to live. Make it matter. Make each day count. Tell your loved ones, you love them everyday. Show them you appreciate them. We may have heard the G2 horror stories. But what I want to share are the wonderful memories of adventure, Mother Nature and friendship. Would I climb this treacherous G2 again? Yes, again and again.


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