Mermaid Musings

Summer is finally here!
My favorite season. Why? I get to spend the next three months possibly submerged under water. While growing up, my girl friends wanted to be Princesses or fairies. I wanted to be a Mermaid. I adored Dolphins which led to my horrendous tattoo that I now have to fix. I have 2 Dolphins “falling in love” or now I realize they look like they’re mating near my ass. Whalesharks also come a close second. That would be the perfect posse for a Mermaid.


The water was still freezing when I had to take my Nitrox Certification last February 28.
It was about 23 or 24 degrees. Brrrrrrr! It felt good to finally finishing my certification and at the same time be able to climb and go back in the water. Summit to Sea. Earthling to Mermaid. Friends came over to visit and climb Mount Gulugod Baboy at the same time. It was a short but grueling climb. Pretty steep for a small mountain but had a breathtaking 360 degree view of Anilao.


In every disappointment I choose to find a silver lining. When I had to cancel my trip to Japan over the Holy Week, I was distraught. Totally looking forward to smelling Cherry Blossoms and drinking sake. Silver lining was that I was able to join my brother’s graduation dive weekend at Anilao.

He graduated from his Dive Master course with flying colors. It was so much fun watching him. He had to “save” and look for a missing diver, carry him aboard the boat unconscious and perform first aid. The instructor’s acting was so convincing, it was when his face would contort to stop laughing that we realized it was fake


I love the water, the sun, the sea, and just being outdoors. Broke up with my phone and laptop. Just soaked it all in. I could feel the salt water and vitamin C slowly rejuvenating my city-torn body. My mind calmed down. I never realized how cluttered my mind was and how much pressure I was under.

Taking a few days to just Dive, Eat, Sleep, Repeat and climb in between saved me from going crazy. It was a much needed break. I needed to remember how it feels to be a Mermaid.




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