Mount Ugo Adventure

Usually I would dread the Valentine’s Week (traffic, panic gift buying, cheesy ads all over) but this year I decided to go on an adventure, far far away from the city. I guess being single makes you appreciate the freedom. Free to do anything you want to do. Free to focus on your career. Free to go on adventures. Free to love yourself.

I decided to start climbing again. My last hard climb was up Mount Pulag 2 years ago. Climbing and camping gives me such joy and positive energy. I don’t even remember why I stopped. This Valentines, a group of friends and I chose Mount Ugo.
Located right at the center of Nueva Viscaya, Pangasinan and Benguet, this was sure to be an epic experience.


The first 2 hours were daunting. The terrain was steep and the air was pretty thin. After just probably 30 minutes of controlling my breathing and trying to get my groove going, I wanted to just sit down and head back. I was panting like a Labrador on a hot day.
I kept getting flashbacks of my whole body cramping up and that pushed me to keep going. Finally we took a break and got a chance to sit down, inhale goo gel and just stare at how beautiful nature is. This, being one with nature… this was the reason I put myself thru this hell.


We kept trudging along the marked path. Barely talking. Just breathing in the fresh air and putting one foot in front of the other. Next thing I knew, it was time for lunch.
What a relief. Nothing felt better than lying on a mat somewhere in the middle of lush greens and eat. Remembering how good everything tasted brings a smile to my face.
It might be the fresh air, the steady vibes or the Endorphins but the food was just damn good.

After a few more hours of barely holding on to dear life, we finally made it.
I’m sure reaching Heaven somewhat feels like reaching your campsite after a grueling climb. We we’re ecstatic.


The camp was freezing. I could literally feel my butt freeze off when I have to pee. Good thing we came prepared with layers and with shots. A few celebratory shots helped heat my insides and knock me out. I slept like a corpse.

I was not prepared for what woke me up the next day. Our campsite had the best view of the fading dawn and the rising Sun. Even the cold didn’t bother me anymore. I was in utter awe. Speechless.

Love YourselfLove YourselfLove Yourself

And that concludes part one of this amazing adventure of learning to balance myself and love Valentines at the same time. What happens next deserves it’s own space. This experience was too touching to cramp it all in one article.

Happy Valentines!


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