Summit to Sea

From Summit to Sea, how I love adventure and the pleasure it gives me. 

Glamping at the Peak

I was able to climb Mount Pulag again and hold a very successful event at the summit. That will hopefully be my first and last event past 9,000 feet. Imagine creating a tent city complete with hot buffet, a clean “working” toilet and comfortable tents, glamping at the peak. I could say this was my hardest event I’ve ever done. I seem to have accidentally fallen in love with climbing mountains, its the camping part thats a nightmare. Learned to accept that its a part of the whole experience. 



From more than 9,000 feet up in the air to 100 feet below sea level, my next adventure, just a day after my climb, took me to the cold depths of Malapascua, off the Island of Cebu. My goal was to see the very elusive Thresher Shark native to the Island. We were not disappointed. We saw huge Thresher Sharks that seem to also know that we were watching them. They kept coming close to take a look at us. A mere rope separated the human and shark territory. It was a weird experience. I can actually imagine a cartoon where the humans were like on one side of the rope staring in awe while the sharks are at the other end saying – “They’re here, Smile guys!” 
In a span of a week, I hit Mount Pulag’s peak at 9,600 feet above sea level then dove straight down 100 feet below sea level in Malapascua. My lungs were so expanded from the hike that I finished my air from the tank quicker than normal. Best times of my life. Another experience I can add on my Life List.

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