Just Say It

There are so many words we leave unspoken.
There are so many times we just let pass by.
We never think it will be too late. 
We never know when time is up. 
So many times we should have said I love you… 
But we didn’t. 
Just say it. It might be the last time. 

It happens all the time…
Brothers fight with brothers,
Children fight their parents, 
We argue and bicker about issues that do not matter. 
Nothing matters but the Love you have for each other.

You think to yourself…
Instead of the hateful words that lashed like whips to the soul, 
You should have just said, I Love You. 
Say it now, before its too late. 

Strong bonds are shattered because of pride
Words, spoken in anger, can kill anyone 
I ask a question…
If you knew you were going to die in a month, 
What would you do? 
My answer is simple. 
I’ll make sure people I love know how much they mean to me. 
I’ll spend every waking moment I can with them…
And tell them I love them every minute of the day. 

Say that you love me. 
I might not know it today. 
I promise to tell you every moment that I can. 
There are times when you will probably want to strangle me. 
There will be times I feel the same. 
Let us promise to just say it while we still can. 

I love you. 

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