Climbing Out of My Comfort Zone

I’ve had so many wonderful opportunities to travel and climb out of my comfort zone. It feels great to look back and appreciate the memories. 
Climbing out of my comfort zone – The Mt. Pulag Akiki Trail Expedition. 
One of the best experiences of my life was ironically forced down my throat. I’m not an experienced climber. I haven’t even climbed a stairmaster in awhile. Mt. Pulag is 2,900 meters above sea level and is considered Luzon’s highest peak. I kept asking myself – Why the hell am i doing this? 
Climbing Out of My Comfort Zone
They say you always have to stretch your limits. We really stepped out of the box climbing the 3rd highest mountain in the Philippines BUT took it one step further and chose its hardest trail – the Akiki Trail. The sign should have said it all – Hard Trail. Did we listen? Hell no. 
Climbing Out of My Comfort ZoneClimbing Out of My Comfort Zone
Myriad of emotions while climbing – exhaustion, body pain and dizziness combined with flashes of Nature’s temperament. We really did feel that Mother Nature was a woman. She gave us intense heat, strong winds, rain and biting cold all in a span of a few hours. Now I know how it feels to battle the elements. 
All this for what? Reaching the summit answered all that. As soon as you step onto the camp site to rest, you feel immense achievement, satisfaction and contentment. All your hard work for the day is rewarded. You reached the top. You reached your goal. 
Towards that last steep stretch of reaching the peak of Mt. Pulag, your heart races with anticipation. I know when I reach the top, that will be my greatest accomplishment.  
Climbing Out of My Comfort Zone
As a child, I’ve always wondered what was above the clouds. And our kindergarten books were right – Heaven. 

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