Missing the 90’s

God, I miss the 90’s. I was arguing with my baby cousin, who is now 18 – she insists that Sponge Bob was born in the 90’s. Hell no, I don’t think so.

During my time, the cartoons I loved to watch were the best. It had more character and more lessons to learn. Classic cartoons during the 90’s were Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Voltron, Voltes 5, GI Joe, WWF and Care Bears to name a few… Please feel free to add and reminisce.

All our birthdays used to have themes and are partnered with outrageous costumes. In one of these parties, my brothers were all Ghostbusters while I was SLIMER, the fat, green, slobby, trash-eating ghost. I think, since I was the short, fat and really round one, they made me the monster. And, worst part is, they even have a home video of it. So I have a constant reminder of my cute young self (very sarcastic). 

Every saturday, radio stations 89.9 and 94.7 play all 90’s music. I start blasting TLC, Color me BADD, Pearl Jam, REM, Rivermaya, POT and yes even Back Street boys and the Hansons on my radio. Oooom-Bop! Listening to the songs from the 90’s transports me to a lighter era where our biggest problem was how were we going to borrow a car or what lame excuse were we going to give our parents to go out during the weekend. 

I remember, my best cousin and I (were only 1 month apart) used to say were going to sleep over our other cousin’s house. They’re dad wasn’t strict and he’d be asleep by 10pm. So after his lights were out, so were we. First stop was Cable Car to eat adobo rice and have a Cali Shandy – we we’re 14 that time, so no alcohol yet. Then walk over to PEPS then after a few more drinks, off to MARS for some dancing to MY BOO and Waterfalls – on the ledge. 

Since also being one of the younger kids of our generation, I was lucky enough to really enjoy the night life – spoiled and free. My older cousins used to drag our asses all over Makati. I remember vaguely Hard Rock, Euphoria, Atrium and Roxy’s… It was an eclectic mix of rock, disco and just hanging out. 

Even the food seemed more exciting in the 90’s. Remember Arby’s, Carl’s Jr. and A&W – Rootbeer float anyone? And the birth of McDonald’s in Greenhills. We used to rollerblade there and literally roll thru the drive thru. Then we would rollerblade to Robinson’s Galleria, fondly called Gale. We used to blade all over Forbes and the old Quad. This decade was also the advent of the garlic thin-crust pizza of Shakey’s. 


I can write about everything I miss and go on and on and on….

God, how I miss the 90’s. More importantly, how I miss me during those times. Still so young, happy and carefree.Sponge Bob? Seriously, I don’t remember him in the 90’s. 

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