Look and See

Look but can you see?
Children tapping your window, peering through your soul
Malnourished bodies hidden beneath tough thick skin
Unshed tears behind narrowed angry eyes
Pain and suffering brimming over their cauldron of shattered hope
You can look… But can you see?
Look but can you see?
The stealing… the corruption… what is happening to our country?
This proud country that brave warriors died bloody gruesome deaths for
A country that is now eaten by maggots slowly digging its own grave, 6 feet under
Greedy fingers milking our very bosom
Wrinkled from the sucking of unquenchable lips of power hungry evil
You can know… But do you care?
Look but can you see?
Tall skyscrapers…Mammoths blocking the clear blue sky
Fancy machines killing us slowly, killing us softly
Vehicles choking the very breath from our lips
Mounds of waste
Hills of garbage
Mountains of misery
You can cry but will you help?
Look but can you see?
Your own child’s eyes… wide with wonder as he grasps at life
Each step he takes, your hand guides through
Each smile a ray of sunshine, you treasure
Each experience, each memory, you coddle, you cuckold
Look and see him fade away as we look but cannot see today
Look and see his every labored breath weaken from not caring now
Look and see him dying slowly from not helping now
This will make you look closely
This will make you see clearly
Look but can you see?
Now, for your own child’s sake… 
Please – look and see.

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