Oh body, thank you for making my heart rest here
It is forever breaking, writhing from one disappointment to another
Healing from harsh words and painful memories
Scars one over the other, Scabbed from broken expectations
Here in you, my heart heals
My heart grows and pumps harder
Builds muscles
And one day soon… My heart will be invincible
Oh body, Thank you for making my mind rest here
It moves so fast, thinks too much
That each circuit explodes and leaves blank spaces
Blank spaces that trigger blank stares
My mind scares me… It tells me what I can and cannot do
It is controlling, domineering, manipulative and paranoid
Here in you… It calms, it settles, it breathes
My mind is happy
It daydreams about life and how I want to live it
It gets braver, more courageous, more brilliant
As time goes by… My mind will be invincible
Oh body, Thank you for making my spirit find solace here
My spirit has died so many deaths
Has resurrected and been brought to life
Slashed, whipped and caged to submission
Fighting, growling, exhausted to break free
Here in you… My spirit finds peace
My spirit sleeps, gathers strength, gathers courage
Little by little, the stitches binding the once gangrene laden wounds gently unfurl
Leaving a hard layer, a scab, a shell
A solid shield of protection
As each day passes… My spirit will be invincible
My body, an indestructible fortress
No one can torture
No one can capture
No one can tame
No one can hurt
No one can kill
Oh Body, Thank you for making me invincible.

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