Which Breed are you?

Which Canine Breed are you? A conversation about certain breeds of Dogs compared to certain breeds of women… 

My male cousin and I had a very disturbing but oddly enlightening conversation a few days ago. And it’s been playing in my head like an LSS song. We we’re discussing about being single, him being newly single too, and his theory on how certain women are always happily single and some women are more comfortable being married… 

He started by comparing women to DOGS. He quickly asked us to listen first when we started sputtering and swearing. 

He used 3 breeds in particular – A Shih Tzu , Jack Russel Terriers and German Shepherds. 

His preference, as of this moment, is a Shih Tzu. He prefers women to be cute, adorable and “simple”. Again, we keep hearing this “simple” definition of a woman from men all over the planet. Let’s define. “Simple” to him means delightful, happy, rolling on the floor – all fluffy and smelling of floral shampoo, and just lovable all the time. Shih Tzu’s follow you around with adoration shining in their eyes, wanting for you to pet them with their tongues hanging out and tails wagging. They wait for you to come home and for your next command. According to my cousin’s chauvinistic point of view, Shih Tzu women get married early and nab husbands faster. They thrive on caring for their husbands and their children. They stay home, sit and stay. 

If you treat a Shih Tzu badly, they just cry in one corner and forgive. 



The next breed he compares women to are Jack Russell Terriers. A JRT is solid, intelligent but yappy breed that is easy to train. They can do wonderful tricks when taught well. They are a little more complicated than a Shih Tzu though, so as a man, you have to invest more time and effort on them. They are smarter, faster and more fun to play with. But still fairly small dogs you can control and train. If you have the time and patience to train, then this breed is for you.

If you treat a Jack Russell Terrier badly, they might just run away, or if they bite, it won’t even scar. 



The Last breed he compares women to is the German Shepherd. He says that I’m a classic German Shepherd. Big (He gets a sharp look from me), Beautiful (Better), Highly Intelligent (Calmed me down), Independent, Strong and… Intimidating. A few men would buy German Shepherds. It is very complicated to take care and love German Shepherds, Scary too. You need hell a lot of balls to get one. 

If you treat a German Shepherd badly, It will kill you. 


I don’t especially like being compared to dogs but he kinda has a good point. And he delivered it clearly. He showed how easily men are intimidated by strong women and how they always marry the “simple” girl. 

I wouldn’t want to be anything less than a German Shepherd. And if I have to wait for forever and still not meet a man who can “handle me” – then so be it. 

I’m curious, which breed are you?

*Photos taken from Franklin County Dog Shelter, vetstreet.com, Dogbreedstandards.com and Google play.

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