Bam Bam Bora

While driving on EDSA with fellow drivers honking with road rage, I day dream about Boracay… 

I miss waking up to the brilliance of the white pristine beach and the clear aqua blue waters. Even if we were all puke-faced drunk the night before with only 4 hours sleep, waking up and diving into the water feels like a system boot-up, like someone pressed restart and then you’re ready to party… AGAIN. 

Craving for comfort after a rough night, we seek out Mamma Lee’s pancakes and french toast and words of advice – just the right kind of sugar we needed in our lives. Mamma Lee runs Real Coffee, aside from carbs, she has the best omelette choices too with little notes that warm the heart. One note says – “Handsome is good, Rich is Better, Loyal is Best” – To sum it up, I think the hardest trait a woman can find in a partner. 


These little notes triggered long discussions and debates between friends, and any guy that got caught in the cross fire, I pity. Since SEX was a topic we wanted to discuss or maybe I wanted to discuss, it came up a few times. My friend, the Charlotte of the group, who is still somewhat uncomfortable with saying the word SEX out loud with strangers around, made up many names to call SEX such as RHUMBA-ING or our favorite – BAM BAM BAM! This BAM BAM BAM (scientific name S-E-X) is now patented under her name. 

Aside from the funny, nonsense and sometimes deep conversations with the girls, I also terribly miss the FOOD. I’m so in love with the island’s culinary menus. We’ve been around the world in 4 days… Gastronomically. 


We tried Romanian Cuisine for the first time, hand-cooked and hand-prepped by a Romanian Couple in LEVATIN – where the sun rises. But more importantly where the moon rises too. It was breathtaking. Try there cabbage rolls, it takes them 2 days to make it. 

The Spanish Chef at DOS MESTIZOS had us entranced with Flamenco (not another word for SEX like RHUMBA-ING but a real life Flamenco dancer performing) while enjoying the sweetness of the Sangria complementing the richness of the TAPAS. 

For sweet cravings we had French Crepes at Ti Braz and as always, I search for the best Thai Cuisine, we found it at Sa’Neh who offered savory dishes like Prawn cakes and PHAD THAI. 



Lastly, I fell in love with Moroccan Cuisine because of KASBAH. Their HUMMUS, MOUTABAL and PITA to start with and their TAGINES as the main course. To wash it all down is their MINT TEA, the perfect ending after the perfect meal. 



How I miss the beach so much… Even with the honks of the horns of road raged drivers surrounding me on a rush hour monday on EDSA, I still smile like a fool. 

I sit in my car with “Moves like Jagger” on the radio and day dream of when we’ll be back on the white beaches of Boracay. Still smiling… even if the guy in the next car just gave me the bad finger. He needs a vacation.  

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